Ever wanted a gaming chair system that feels like a cockpit?

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Liability Disclaimer

We really hate having to put a disclaimer here, but in today’s world it is a necessary requirement. So, here it is. Read it thoroughly and click the “I Agree” button below to continue.

This device and it's concepts are protected by a United States Patent. Any duplication or resale of protected concepts without express permission is illegal and will be enforced. It has taken over 2 years and thousands of dollars to obtain this patent and we will prosecute all violators to protect that investment. Please do not duplicate or resell our ideas!

By clicking the link below you are acknowledging that you understand that this system is a tool and not a toy and must be treated as any tool should. We are not responsible for injury or damage resulting from this system or any component thereof. Acknowledging this disclaimer below releases Mercury Data Systems and all persons connected to it, from liability for any injuries or damages received by anyone. Simply put, we cannot be responsible for the actions of others. These systems have been used by many people, for years, without incident and if treated as a tool and not misused, should provide years of trouble free, safe use. However, nothing in this world is perfect and there is always a possibility for injury or accident with anything made by the hands of man. Use this system wisely and at your own risk! There are pinching points in some areas of this system and while remote, there is a possibility of accidental injury if carelessly used. Use this equipment with the same level of respect as you would any car, tool, machine or appliance. We do not recommend this system for anyone under the age of 15, unless supervised by a responsible adult.


We warranty all materials against manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days and will replace or repair any defective parts. We will not warranty damage caused by misuse or modification, except for ‘special circumstances’ caused by reasonable modifications, at our sole discretion, on a case-by-case basis.

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