Ever wanted a gaming chair system that feels like a cockpit?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I tell if the system will fit on my chair?

This page describes the types of arms that will work. The system will fit nearly all varieties of  armchairs without any type of modification to the components or chairs, but I do not guarantee that the system will fit on all chairs. If in doubt, you can always send me a picture of your chair. I can tell you if the system will fit or what issues you may have with mounting it.

Q: I am left handed?

No problem! The systems normally ships 'right handed' (keyboard riser and mouse deck on the right rail), but CommandCon and CC2 are both easily reversible. It only takes about 10 minutes with a screwdriver. If you mention that you are left handed when you order your system, we will even set it up for you at no charge.

Q: What happens if a problem with the design is identified?

I stand behind my product. Registered warranty owners are entitled to free upgrades on any parts that are redesigned for identified safety or quality issues. This goes beyond my 90 day parts/labor warranty and is in effect for the life of the original owners system.

Q: What about the wires from all the devices?

A lot of visitors to the site have asked about this. There is really no need to worry about cabling. There are several options available, depending on what kind of hardware you have. Most devices on the market today use the USB interface. Of course, I suggest using wireless devices wherever possible, but in the case of USB devices, the best solution is to simply mount a USB hub directly on the chair itself! Use a piece of Velcro and attach the hub on the outside of the mounting plate, behind the rail. Leave enough room for the devices on the rail to slide so you can still stow the joystick device when not using it. By doing this, the cables that run between the chair and the computer are drastically reduced and when bundled together, make a neat, compact package.

Whatever wires that do run between the computer and the chair should be bundled together. I have had great success with the "split-hose" type wire housing, like you see in cars. It is cheap and can be purchased at many neighborhood stores (Home Depot, Radio Shack, etc). You shouldn't need more than 4 feet for most, standard arrangements. Push the wires in the split down the side, then tie wrap the tube to the chair leg and to the computer desk leg to keep it from pulling out the cables if overextended. After a while, you'll forget that it is even there.

Q: My cables aren't long enough?

Some manufacturers just don't make cables long enough. Especially mouse cables. Fortunately, extension cables can be purchased for any device plug in use today and are available at almost any store that sells computers or computer accessories.  

Q: How many devices can I attach to my system?

As many as you can fit! Currently, one of my systems has ten devices mounted on it, with room for several more and is in use daily! With the 'secondary rail' add-on accessory, you can increase the amount of devices substantially. The system is built to handle lots of add-ons. Please remember that CC2 has only one rail, so if you plan to add a lot of devices, go with CommandCon.

Q: What is "CommandCon Centurion" ?

CC Centurion (or CC3) is a new system in development. Centurion will be an 'upscale' system, using polished hardwood bases, brass rails, high grade Transparent or tinted acrylic blocks, decks and mounts, internal lighting and an integral armrest system. Centurion will likely carry a price tag around $900.

Q: How can I attach my system to a wheelchair?

I have a special mount for wheelchairs at the same price as our standard system. I can also custom design mounts. If your custom mount is new to me, I may even give special prices to those willing to help with the design (basically be a 'beta tester'). Contact our information line at info@gamechair.net and explain what you are looking for. Include the make and model of chair.

Q: Is the system ergonomic?

Your devices can be installed and adjusted on the system in nearly every axis of motion for maximum comfort. There is some tradeoff with location of devices, depending on how many devices you are using and where you want them placed, but because the devices can be placed anywhere that is comfortable, there is an ergonomic benefit. We do not make any specific claims as to the system being an "ergonomic system" however. We are not "ergonomic experts" and are therefore not qualified to make such a claim.

Q: Can I mix CommandCon and CommandCon CC2 components?

All CommandCon and CC2 components are fully interchangeable except the counterbalance system, which will not fit on CC2. You can even use a CC2 left side with a CommandCon right side, etc.

Q: Why is CommandCon so special?

This link leads to a page regarding design and engineering of CommandCon.

Q: What if I need a custom mount?

I offer a service to design and make custom mounting devices for nearly any application. The costs are very reasonable, usually under $100 for most standard arrangements. I would require digital pictures or drawings of the arm to make an accurate assessment.