Ever wanted a gaming chair system that feels like a cockpit?

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NOTE: For a feature comparison of CommandCon and CommandCon CC2 systems  follow this link.

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Step 1: Order your system:


CommandCon Master System:

The original system. More versatile than CC2 with more features such as pivoting top rail with fixed lower rail. Able to support more devices.

Includes: Master side dual rail system with mounting clamps. (1) Joystick/Throttle mount, (1) Mouse pad and  mount, (1) Keyboard cross-rail, (1) Keyboard mount, mounting hardware, Velcro and instructions.

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$265.00 ea.+ S&H


CommandCon Second Side Rails:

Opposite side dual rail system with mounting clamps.

Includes: (1) Throttle mount, mounting hardware, Velcro and instructions.

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$176.00 ea.+ S&H


CommandCon CC2 Master System:

CC2 is my newest design. Using only a single, fixed rail and a simpler, integrated mouse deck mount, the CC2 is a perfect alternative to the dual-rail CommandCon for those on a budget. CC2 will accept all CommandCon accessory mounts except for the counterbalance system.

Includes: mouse deck, keyboard mount and crossrail, (1) joystick/Throttle mount, mounting hardware, Velcro and instructions

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$175.00 ea.+ S&H


CommandCon CC2 Second Side System:

Opposite side Single rail system.

Includes: (1) Throttle mount, mounting hardware, Velcro and instructions. Compatible with CommandCon if a dual rail second side isn't needed.

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$126.00 ea.+ S&H



Step 2: Accessories available:

Game Pad mount:

Usable for game pads such as Thrustmaster or Belkin. Includes Velcro and rod mount. Attaches to any rail.

$60.00 ea.+ S&H

Standard joystick / throttle stick mount:

Standard mount. Usable for many purposes. Attaches to any rail. 6"X5" deck surface or will custom size. Comes with Velcro and mount.

$45.00 ea.+ S&H


Larger Image

Rear / Front speaker mounts ( 1 pair):

Attaches to any rail (lower recommended). Adjustable in 3 axes. With mounts and Velcro

$80.00 pr. + S&H


 Small mounting deck for attaching optional devices such as audio controllers, remotes, telephones, etc. 3x3 inch deck surface. Includes mount and Velcro.

$40.00 ea. + S&H

Steering Wheel mount system:

Attaches to keyboard crossbar. NOTE: keyboard must be removed to install this accessory. Order Auxiliary rail  kit to attach both.

$55.00 ea. + S&H

Counter balance system: 

Add to keyboard cross-rail.  Industrial-grade device neutralizes weight of equipment on cross-rail to create easier lifting when extra devices are added to the cross-rail. Great for racing wheels or multi-keyboard setups. Adjustable tension.

Includes new cross rail.

$105.00 ea. + S&H

Auxiliary crossrail:

 Attaches to standard crossrail (or to any rail) to provide a secondary location for the keyboard. Allows keyboard to be used with the racing wheel installed, dual keyboards, etc. Specify length (email for custom lengths)

$49.00 ea. + S&H

Deck Riser:

Install under any deck mount surface (joystick, keyboard, minideck, etc) to raise the deck height 1". Use when extra clearance is desired for a large device.  These can be stacked for additional height. Includes longer screws.

$9.99 ea. + S&H

Custom Orders:

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For replacement / repair parts please contact via email at: support@gamechair.net

I also offer custom services to modify systems at a modest cost. For information, email me with details concerning your request at: info@gamechair.net



  • Shipping and handling is flat rate, price based (i.e. based on total cost) for all items. Please note: Some overseas (outside U.S.) shipping may require additional charges. Contact me at info@gamechair.net about additional shipping.

  • Delivery is based on demand. Typically you can expect delivery within 2 to 3 weeks of order.

  • When payment is received you will be contacted via email regarding mounting style, options, mounting position and customizing of your ordered system (a free service, no additional cost).

Because of the additional cost of shipping we no longer offer chairs since it is much easier to purchase one locally. For additional info about the types of chairs that are compatible, see the  Information page.