Ever wanted a gaming chair system that feels like a cockpit?

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The following document has been prepared by the inventor of the CommandCon system and was placed here due to certain, recent issues with infringement on his Patent #6,702,373. We wish to make it known that any infringement on United States Patents are mediated by Federal courts and are a serious affair. Anyone found to be knowingly infringing on our patent will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, which may range from removal of the infringing person (or company's) ability to sell, Federal seizure of assets, back royalty and penalty assessments and can include a Federal criminal conviction. Because of the effort and expense required to obtain this patent, we take any infringement very seriously!


Dear Reader,

  Hello, my name is Dennis Rossko and I have been a avid gamer since buying my first computer in 1985 - the venerable Commodore 64. Early on, I began to realize that attaching the keyboard, mouse and joystick(s) to the chair offered a vast improvement in both the gaming experience as well as comfort. I began to experiment and built my first chair-mounted gaming system in 1993. Over the years I have steadily improved the design by making it stronger, lighter and more versatile. I also wanted it to be as low-cost to the consumer as possible without compromising quality or durability. I think I have succeeded and my result is what you see listed on this website.

  For those who are unfamiliar with the patent process, I can tell you that it is an extremely costly and time consuming venture, one that took over two years and more than $10,000 to obtain. The process involves many steps. One of the first steps is that of a patent search... basically a search on the US Patent and Trademark office website to assess whether another patent already exists. I was amazed at just how many patents for "computer gaming chairs" already exist. My system however was unique in 17 points of it's design from any other listed and eventually the designs were submitted and finally granted full patent status.

 As to the specifics of my patent and the exact descriptions of the functions and features described therein, I will list below a few 'highpoints' that are protected by it. To go into detail would cover many pages and is not the intent of my writing here. In essence, these are the major points that I possess the sole right to manufacture and sell within the United States:

1. A vertically pivoting keyboard system. A keyboard, attached to a mount that pivots vertically up for the user to get in or out of the chair (there are already a few other patents covering horizontal and fixed or non-moving, mounts).

2. Clamp mounting. My patent covers clamping devices to the chair (as opposed to screw fixing them, etc). One of the best features of my system is that it is able to clamp to an existing office chair without drilling holes in the chair. There were no patents covering this and my patent is worded so as to give me exclusive rights to any type of clamps that attach mounts of this nature to a chair.

3. Counter-Balancing system. My patent incorporated a highly successful design for a counter-balancing dampener system for the keyboard mounting rail. This system is adjustable and allows for very heavy objects, such as laptops or Racing Wheels to be attached without increasing the effort required to lift the arm to enter or exit the chair.

4. Rail Mounting. Mounting the devices to common attachment rails or bars that allow the devices to be slid and locked into place using a friction lock mechanism.

5. Multiple mounting system: Modularity that permits components to be added to the rail mounts at any time without adding new mounts.

Basically, these are the highpoints of the patent. There are 17 total points listed. Most revolve around the 5 features listed above.


Please do not infringe on my hard work.  If you like it, buy the system and use it. I think you will come to realize that there is a great deal more to the system than you may see at first glance...


Thank You,

Dennis D. Rossko

Owner - Mercury Data Systems